MugShare™ Online Database Law Enforcement Forms

Stop writing all of those reports by hand......

We create electronic forms for Law Enforcement that work via the Internet, on your Intranet or as a stand-alone executable file. The forms can also exchange data with CGI scripts on webservers or serve as a front-end input or query for a database.

This means you can implement forms on your Intranet or the Internet by simply having us create new forms or convert your existing paper forms. Your forms will appear just as your paper forms do, but they will have all the functionality and flexibility of on-line electronic forms.

We can also provide custom CGI scripts to process the collected data for any of the forms that we create for our clients. We have fully debugged Perl scripts that interface with our forms and can output field data to a tab delimited text file, flat file database, ODBC database or a SQL database.

Our experience in this particular technology is unequaled in the industry. We have the only Internet/Intranet based Law Enforcement Management System in use in the world today that can operate on all available computer platforms and uses an open SQL database format.

We were the first to create a Juvenile Drug Court Database that uses form based input and runs on an Intranet or the Internet. Used in the Newton County Georgia Juvenile Drug Court.

We have an extensive library of standard forms for Sheriff's Offices, Police Departments, Probate Courts, Magistrate Courts, State Courts, Federal Courts, Drug Courts, Probation Departments, Law Offices and many other State and Federal Law Enforcement agencies.

Click here to download a sample form. This is an Adobe Acrobat pdf file. You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your system to be able to view and fill in the form.

Any form that we create can also be used as an input or query front-end for a database. See the price schedule below for additional licensing fee.

Using one of our existing standard forms or creating a custom form from your layout we customize each form we create with your your Agency name, address, phone number and ORI number all for the licensing fee of:

1 to 2 page form: $150.00

3 to 4 page form: $200.00

5 or more pages: e-mail for a quote

Form as a database: $450.00 in addition to the above (fee is applicable only once for multiple forms)

If you need a form that is not in our extensive library one can usually be created from your format for the same price quoted above. But just to be on the safe side we do require that an example of the form you want created be sent to us via e-mail before we quote a firm price for custom forms.

If you need a form just e-mail us and tell us what you need. We will let you know if we already have it or if you need to send us a layout or template of the form you have in mind.

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