H o m e p a g e M u g s h o t s B O L O S S p o n s o r s M e m b e r s A b o u t



I activated the MugShare Bulletin Board today. You can go to the board by clicking on the banner to the right. Now is the time to start asking all of those questions that you have about MugShare. The board is capable of hosting both Public and Private forums. For now I have set up a Public forum with several categories to get things started. We can expand as we move forward.

To access the board you are required to register. I have incorporated an automatic registration and password generation script into the board to make it easier to register MugShare users. From this day forward to become a registered MugShare user you first need to register for the MugShare Bulletin Board. You will then be able to request authorization for access to the Law Enforcement Only sections of MugShare. This saves me considerable time in that I don't have to register people twice or keep up with individual passwords.


I began adding the digital booking database from the Oconee County Sheriff's Office today. I have digital photos beginning from mid-97 until the present. I will have all of the listed years activated within the next several days. Then it will be time to start on another department. Who wants to be next?


Today at 21:30 I completed the transfer of MugShare™ to a new webhost. The access speed should be noticeable. We went from a single T1 access to a multiple (3) OC3 access. I have more flexibility with the database arrangement on this host. I have used this hosting service for other purposes for over a year with no unexpected outages. The reliability of the site should be near 100%.

I have held off the past few weeks in assigning any new member access because the previous hosting site had reached its limit. If you have requested access and have not yet received a logon and password assignment I will be getting to you soon.

Thanks to everyone for your support and patience.


We are in the process of securing sponsors to insure there will be uninterrupted service during 2001. At our current server level we can handle approximately 250 agencies. We are almost at that limit with the requests that we received during build-out and testing.

If you would like to find out more about our various levels of sponsorships email me at jalexander@oconeesheriff.org



We are happy to announce that we have had a large number of requests for agency access from all across the United States and some foreign agencies during our initial period of build-out and testing. We appreciate all of the support and are looking forward to officially launching in the 1st quarter of 2001.

I will be emailing logons and passwords in January 2001 to all of you who have sent official requests.



All MugShare™ databases are fully functional.

If you would like to find out more about our various levels of sponsorships email me at jalexander@oconeesheriff.org

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